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Re: AO-40 spreadsheet

"Mark L. Hammond" wrote:
> Actually, it's less 16%, not 16DM (I think..)
> So, it's maybe another $10 off.  Works out to about $108 I
> think--shipped.  The $145 doesn't include shipping I bet.  The gap widens ;-)
> Actually, I don't understand duties, so I have no idea what that will add
> to the cost of such a purchase.  I don't recall paying duties on the Wimo
> antennas I purchased.  Shipping was very expensive though.  Perhaps it was
> added into that, I don't know.
> Anyhow, I ordered a DEM preamp last week.  I was just looking into the
> future with other bands and purchases in mind....

Nobody understands duties , it is more a process of keeping up to date
on the latest changes so that you don't pay too much ( customs doesn't
care about that ) or pay too little ( customs -will- figure that out).

If something is shipped into this country from a purchase type
transaction then duty is calculated at the point of entry relative to
what the item is classified as and where it came from , there are also
qutoa's , meaning a particuluar country can only import so many of a
certain item to the US in a certain time period etc ad nauseum , also
duty can be assessed for non-purchase type "transactions" ie: if your
great aunt in zurich died and you got all her goodies etc .... ;^}

So yes Mark duty was assessed when your item entered a port of entry in
this country and was added onto the shipping costs .....

Alot of times the shipper will secure a broker and they will do the work
, if you are an importer then it is cheaper for you to either secure
your own broker or do the paperwork yourself , though it was a real pain
back when I did it , but I guess now , with the computer automated
system they have it is much easier ....
But classification will always be a real pain .....

Besides the IRS, US customs brings in the most revenue to the US
treasury , and they are all too good about it :^p


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