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Re: UO-14 Paket interference (over north america)

Two of us have heard a local station in Colorado Springs sending packets
at a 4 second rate.  The location of the station was 8 miles southeast of
the Air Force academy.  But one of us (me) was only visiting for one day,
so donno if he is on all the time or not...  Just shows the importance of
monitoring the uplink.     Bob..

On Sun, 27 May 2001 Builderick@aol.com wrote:

> But we need to figure out who is sending packet bursts that are appearing on 
> the downlink of UO-14.( 435.070) fm. I couldn't decode them this pass. They 
> seem to be 1200 baud about 4 seconds apart. I live in DM79 Aurora Colorado. 
> Last 17:12 utc .
> Not heard on the uplink of 145.975  + -  . I think it is a beacon set for the 
> ISS on 145.990   . I don't think this person means to cause QSB but he might 
> be uninformed. If we can get a callsign, perhaps we can get an E-mail address 
> and let him know.  Lets also not run unattended beacons. Or beacon so many 
> times per minute.
> My 2 cents worth
> Flame suit on.
> Rick

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