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UO-14 Paket interference (over north america)

Pardon me .
But we need to figure out who is sending packet bursts that are appearing on 
the downlink of UO-14.( 435.070) fm. I couldn't decode them this pass. They 
seem to be 1200 baud about 4 seconds apart. I live in DM79 Aurora Colorado. 
Last 17:12 utc .

Not heard on the uplink of 145.975  + -  . I think it is a beacon set for the 
ISS on 145.990   . I don't think this person means to cause QSB but he might 
be uninformed. If we can get a callsign, perhaps we can get an E-mail address 
and let him know.  Lets also not run unattended beacons. Or beacon so many 
times per minute.

My 2 cents worth
Flame suit on.

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