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Re: AO-40 spreadsheet

>The original "illusion" that these 20 or 30 buck converters with a bbq 
>antenna system were going to work just fine has been shattered. There

Is this really true?  I've been quite happy with mine, and I've made quite a 
number of QSOs.  I think it is more a case of "my noise figure is better 
than your noise figure".  I seem to hear everyone who is on.  I'm sure they 
are closer to the noise than where some other folks hear them, but once you 
can hear them good enough to work them how much more signal do you need?  If 
you can copy your own signal well, and don't trip LEILA is that acceptable?

I have a fear that we will scare more people by implying that you need 

A) a really big investment to get on S-Band (The complaint I already hear 
the most)

B) the skill of a neuro-surgeon along with $250 K of test equipment.


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