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MacDonalds Burgers (Not entirely off-topic)

Our Mickey Mouse money in ZS makes imported equipment very expensive.
Sometimes it is not even worthwhile to bring certain items into the country.

There are attractive transverters, converters and other equipment available
in the USA and Germany and I wish to establish the buying power in those
countries to form some idea of the value of this equipment.

I request the prices of a MacDonalds BigMac and MacDonalds Cheeseburger in
the USA and Germany to make a comparison with MacDonalds in our country.  I
realise this is not the most scientific fiscal investigation, but it will
level the playing field somewhat to know the price of a similar item

The exchange rate with the USA is about R8.00 for $1.00.  Yet, we probably
pay for a BigMac in Rands what the USA pays in Dollars.  Then an FT-847
sells for $21000.00 in South Africa.

Maybe someone will send a few burgers.

Deon ZR1DQ

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