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Re: AO-40 spreadsheet

>From: "Mark L. Hammond" <hammond@surrealnet.net>
>Sadly, it looks like those of us in the U.S. have to pay about a 30-40% 
>markup to buy Kuhne products through SSB Electronics, rather than buying 
>Frustrating...they look like really well-made products at good prices, 
>until the markup.
>Mark N8MH

Lets look at an example:
DB6NT sells the MKU-232A2 for 248DM - 16DM [VAT for EU only] + 35DM
shipping* = 267DM.
>From http://www.xe.net/ucc/
DM = .440069*US$

So the MKU-232A2 would cost 117.50 US$ if there were no customs duty!  SSB
sells it for 145 US$

*Of course Kuhne expressly states that US sales are only through SSB
Electronics.  The shipping charge of 35DM which converts to $15.40 seems
low to me.  It cost me about $30 for UPS shipping from PA to AK!  What does
it cost for the monetary exchange?

This really does not seem to me that SSB is out of line with its costs.
I'll bet it would cost an US individual more to buy directly from Germany.


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