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I am posting this on the BB because I have had many requests to forward
the info that I receive.
Al, WB1BQE supplied the answer, I have tried it and it worked first
time. The answer is below.
Thanks again Al.
73 de Tony VK5ZAI

Al Lawler wrote:

 >   Tony,
 >   I think I remember hearing that this was caused
 > by the swr protection circuitry.  Change the length
 > of the cable going from the rig to the amp, and you
 > will probably solve the problem.
 >   -al
 >   WB1BQE
 > VK5ZAI wrote:
 > >
 > >   When used with an amp. the RF drive from the
 > > FT-736 rises slowly. This only occurs when I use
 > > the linear.
 > > I remember this problem being discussed before but
 > > can't remember the cure was.
 > > Anyone with the answer please reply direct.
 > > Thanks.
 > > Tony VK5ZAI.

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