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AO-40 Rcv. & MIC UP/DN

Not having anything better to do this afternoon, thought I'd try the little
MIC UP/DN circuit using RTS/DTR.  Got it together in a matter of a couple
of hours while doing things on the PC at the same time.

Using the circuit with my ICOM 756 PRO.  It has only one
wire for MIC UP/DN...it uses a 470 ohm resistor in series
for MIC DN.  I ust put a 470 ohm resistor in series with
the MIC DN out of the circuit and on the other side connected
the MIC UP...works great, except for one small problem.
In the 756 PRO the MIC UP/DN has a 50 Hz step...cannot
change it, so the thing is kind of herky jerky.  Would be nice
if the program had some sort of delay, say 30 to 60 seconds
before sending a signal to the RTS/DTS outputs.  As it is
now it sort of overshoots things and tries to correct in each
direction....with a good signal no problem.

Anyone else tried the little circuit using MIC UP/DN?

de Bill, N4DH

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