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2.4 GHz yagis


I am wondering if anyone here has done any experiments with
yagis for 2.4 GHz.

My DL6WU yagi program calculates that a 65 el yagi (3m boom length)
would have 22 dBi linear forward gain.

This forward gain is comparable with many of the smaller
parabolic antennas in popular use - and in some cases, might be
more convenient to use.

I would also speculate that the sidelobe suppression  might be better
with a
good yagi design than it is for those dishes with a sub-optimal
profile. Better sidelobe suppression would result in lower ground
noise pick-up, and therefore yield a better C/N when listening
to satellite signals.

Any comments ???


Rod Preston VK4KZR
Brisbane, Australia.

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