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BBQ Grill reversed

I have teamed up with Kerry VK1TKR to work through some issues about the
Conifer II with "BBQ Grill" reflectors available locally.

Early indications are that they are usable as-is for 2.401GHz down with
~450MHz output!

In passing, he came up with an idea that is well worth considering.

He mused...Allow the little antenna / convertor to be a wide azimuth /
elevation receiver NOT pointed specifically at the satellite.

Consider the situation of an over-abundance of signal (note OVER-abundance)
when the satellite is near, etc.
It might be possible to use a downconvertor with the BBQ grill antenna (or
any other antenna) reversed - - convex.
The small amount of signal from a 'single point' on the back of the dish
would get to the antenna / receiver.
The 'dish' would sweep a vast amount of the sky (say 90 x 50 degrees)
without pointing.

At the price we get them - - for the asking - - it might be an option to put
several around like this as well as one for pointing!

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Kerry is cooking up a rotator using the az-el mount from a surveillance TV

Peter Ellis
Amateur Radio VK1KEP

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