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A thought on calibrating the home brew noise sources

 I have received a number of requests for the noise source board/diode and
have a thought on how we might be able assist it calibrating those sources
if desired.  If someone along the line becomes willing to handle the
logistics of shipping, I could provide one of the home brew  sources which
has been calibrated against an HP source at all of the Ham bands from 50
Mhz-10 Ghz along with a matching power supply. I could provide attenuators
to provide about 5 dB ENR and maybe 1 dB ENR. This could allow anyone with
enough interest to calibrate thier source on any band for which   they have
a suitable transverter and IF radio or other setup.  Paul Wade's article
gives a good description of what it takes. It certainly would not be
something you'd call traceable to NIST but could give  folks a good start
that have a serious interest in dealing with noise figure measurements and
don't have anything better.

Just more food for thought. It's great to see the microwave interest
growing in the AMSAT crowd. 

 - Kerry N6IZW -
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