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Re: 435 drooping dipole

> ...  For 2m and 70cm, a ground plane antenna is very easy to 
> build and gives better performance for satellite use because 
> it receives signals from both high and low elevations.

Not only that, but a 2 meter ground plane tuned for good SWR
at 2m and 70cm can be quite useful.   It doesn't make a very
good antenna for terrestrial use at 70cm, as most of the energy
goes skyward:


But that's just what one wants for satellite operation, especially
for LEOs.  It doesn't work well for low elevations at 70cm but it's
pretty good between 10 degrees and 75 degrees.  It is vertically
polarized, so, for example, it's good for the first 40% of an
AO-27 pass and mediocre after polarization shifts from vertical
to horizontal on that bird.
                             -- KD6PAG 
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