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Transystem and -> NF numbers..

>The crux of this whole discussion, though, is properly modified (and I 
>think that means an ISM filter in the second position and a 50 ohm strip 
>or coax jumper in the first filter position is the proper

I'll let everybody know how THIS mod attempt goes:


>modification) is that the Transystem is a good choice for a converter.

I'm going to hopefully get one of those Murata filters and do the other 
side soon.

The idea of putting a little preamp in the first filter space on the 
Trasystem units has a lot of merit.

A kit of surface mounted parts that "plugs" right in would be 
awesome.  Another little board with the pass band filter would be great, too.

A Transystem upgrade kit like this:

1st board--low noise preamp
2nd board--Murata/Tokyo filter
crystal to move it to 144 MHz
thermistor (?)

Sounds like a job for one of the AMSAT's or K5GNA ;-)


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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