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AO-40 Telemetry Archives Suggestion

fwinder@one.net ('Farrell  Winder') writes on amsat-bb:
>The best and most accurate source of ALON/ALAT 
>values is in the AO40 telemetry archives, currently located at

Agreed.   This is where I go when I want  to find out, 
for example, the latest ALON/LAT.  But I have to 
manually navigate and find the latest archive.  Not
a big deal, but I can't *easily* script something 
to get just the most recent telemetry.

How difficult would it be to add a "link" that
always pointed to the latest uploaded 
telemetry archive?   Or, there could just be a
file called latest.zip that was a copy of the
latest telemetry and it gets overwritten every
time new telemetry is uploaded. 

Something like


(the above is a suggestion, not a working link).

This would really be helpful if it always had
the latest archived zip file.  It would also provide
us with a "static" link.  This would be helpful
for newcomers because the latest information
would always be in the same place.

How difficult would this be to implement ?

Douglas KA2UPW
"Satellite/QRP/Mobile <--- all at the same time!"
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