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AO-40: Attitude change progress

Dear All,

James Miller G3RUH provided the following information.

73s Peter, DB2OS

Attitude Change Progress
On orbit 253 the magnetorquer was commanded to re-orient from alon/alat 0/0
towards alon = 0 and alat '-ve'.  This is in preparation for the longer term
move to change alon to 270° for the arcjet cold firing.

After 6 perigees the YACE camera was invoked so that we could check the
attitude accurately.  The results were:

  Orbit 259                    SPIN   ALON   ALAT      SA
  Expected by simulation       5.59   0.7°  -10.5°     34°
  Measured using YACE camera   5.36   1.9°  -10.2°     33°

Considering that the attitude had to cross the magnetically 'difficult'
condition that is the equatorial plane, this is a pretty good result.

Magnetorquing to alat = -25° is now underway and when reached, we can then
begin sliding alon towards 270°.

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