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Re: Satellites with new Kenwood multiband HT (TH-F6A)

I just learnd something new about the new Kenwood multiband HT that might
be useful for portable satellite and packet ops...

A menu permits 4 choices for the Speaker/Mic jack:

1. SP/MIC   - This is a normal operation like any other HT
2. PC       - Allows serial port full radio control
3. TNC 1200 - Same as #1, but REMOTE port becomes external SQUELCH output
4. TNC 9600 - 9600 baud passband and direct FSK/DISC and
              REM port becomes squelch output

Again, no internal TNC, but with these options, and all the soundcard
packet software available, this should be quite handy for portable ops..
I assume there is some sound card 9600 baud software?...

de WB4APR, Bob

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