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AO-40: Schedule change

Dear All, 

In order to escape the rapidly approaching sun and get ready for our
move to 270/0, we have lowered ALAT to approximately -11 degs. 

ALON is currently estimated at 3 degs. 

These values will be tweaked with YACE images shortly (Orbit 259,
download starting at about 0600 UTC on 5/24). 

We will continue to lower ALAT to about -25 degs, before beginning to
move ALON past the sun. 

The result of all this is that there is no reason to continue the X-Tx,
K-Tx, or C-Rx testing at the moment as >11 deg. minimum squint is not
enough for useful signals. In addition, the RUDAK team has asked for
more time for RUDAK. 

Accordingly, the schedule will be modified to stop the K-Tx, X-Tx, C-Rx
testing and give RUDAK more uninterrupted time with a relatively good
squint angle. 

The schedule for S2 downlink will be as follows:

   MA        Mode
 240-039     beacon only      
 040-099     RUDAK      
 100-179     L1/U passband On      
 180-239     RUDAK       

The S2 MiddleBeacon (MB) is continuously On.

Message blocks will be updated to reflect these new and slightly reduced
transponder times. 

73s Peter DB2OS for the P3-D team

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