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AIDC-3733 Crystal Mods

Hi All:

I am getting ready to modify three AIDC-3733 downconverters and I am trying
to decide whether to order crystals from International or JAN.  I have
always had very good success with International crystals in the past, and
many problems with JAN crystals.  However, there were several comments on
the reflector a few months ago about the deterioration of International's
quality, and much higher prices.

I would like to hear from those of you who have replaced the crystal in the
AIDC 3733.  I am especially interested in hearing from people who are using
the 60 degree C crystals with a heater.   I will use a PTC thermister to
stabilize the crystal from thermal drift, and I want the crystal to be
accurate and on frequency.  Are the JAN crystals working OK, and on

I am not interested in using cheap, low tolerance, off freq., surplus

If anyone has done a bulk order of crystals, and has any left for sale,
please let me know.  I prefer crystals that will provide an IF of 144 MHz.
for 2401 MHz., and rated for 60 degrees C.

Thanks & 73,


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