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Re: Disparaging Helical Antennas: Use a DSS Dish for a reflector?

Hi Jerry,

I guess my post must have been confusing. The idea was to use a DSS dish 
as a reflector for the helix. Placing your rather long helix at the base 
of a DSS dish would put at least some if it at the focal point. Being 
concave would help eliminate those pesky 45 degree lobes.

Perhaps this combination would offer the best of both worlds, maybe the 
worse as well...:-)


Christopher Cox

Hey look  ~~~~~~)    This is what I am talking about!

K5OE@aol.com wrote:

> Chris,
> If you have a DSS dish, it's intrinsic performance will be hard to beat with helices, even an array of them.  Several people have reported good results with an offset helix feed in the range of 5 turns.  Since these dishes are generally a truncated parabola, more turns are required to avoid over-illumination.
> Besides, the support requirements for an array of parallel helices on a parabolic surface would be a daunting challenge for a guy who gets most of his high-tech material at HomeDepot :-)
> 73,
> Jerry, K5OE
> << >
> Hi Jerry,
> I was going to try this, but you guys seem to already have the parts, why not use a DSS Dish as the reflector on your 16-32 turn helix? I would be very interested in the results as it might save me some time. Otherwise I will give it a shot as time allows.
> Happy Hunting with Antenna Alchemy!
> Christopher Cox
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