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Heard the Bird

I stayed up a little later than usual tonight, and finally heard the
AO-40 beacon at about 2401.320 MHz.  Very weak, though - S0.  It took me
a while to find it.  This is with a 60cm dish, 2.25-turn helix, Drake
(simple mods only), 50 ft of cheap Rat Shack TV coax, to my FT736 (no

Can any of you tracking software jockeys tell me what the squint angle
was, to a station in Kansas City at around 03:30, May 23 (UTC)?  I'm at
39d 00.74m north, 94d 40.87m west.

I'm trying out Predict 2.1.2 under Linux, and it doesn't seem to provide
squint angle.

David, ky0dr
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