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RE: Connecting ULNA to TranSystem dipole

Mark Hammond wrote, about the low noise level from my TSI converter:

	Woah..what receiver??  I get about S7-S9 or MORE with a Transystem (stub 
	cut) on the Kenwood TS-790A, and about S3-S4 with the Icom PCR-1000.  That is with NO antenna connected...

Wayne replies:

My receiver is a Yaesu FT-847 (internal preamp off).  The noise level at 123 MHz from the TSI downconverter and 2 foot dish is slightly above S-zero.  The interesting thing is that it hardly changed when I cut the stub.  The noise level is about S3 at 144 MHz.  I don't understand why the signal drops so much at 123 MHz after the stub is cut.

I never tried it with no antenna connected.  It's a bit inconvenient to remove the feed antenna or remove the dish from the downconverter since I have to carry a 4 foot ladder on the roof to reach it.

I cut the stub cut and added a PTC added to my 2nd downconverter, but haven't gotten around to putting it up to see if the noise level is any different.

Wayne Estes W9AE
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