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RE: Connecting ULNA to TranSystem dipole

At 11:59 AM 5/22/2001 -0400, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
>Joe KA0YOS wrote:
>         Are you going to disable the preamp in the TranSystem? (after adding
>Wayne replies:
>I wasn't planning to disable the preamp, because I presently only get a
>S-zero signal level at 123 MHz from my TSI downconverter, even after cutting
>the stub.  I don't know if that indicates that something is wrong with my
>downconverter or what.  It's partly because my 2 foot dish has less gain
>than what most people are using.

Woah..what receiver??  I get about S7-S9 or MORE with a Transystem (stub 
cut) on the Kenwood TS-790A, and about S3-S4 with the Icom PCR-1000.  That 
is with NO antenna connected...


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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