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For those with TS2000's - calibrated S-Meters


I hooked up the HP8920A to my TS2000 and calibrated it's S-Meter... Actually I have two of them... a regular 2000 and a 2000X that I just picked up at Dayton.

Here was the results of both the S-Meter and the RX NF (the S-Meter test was done with a 1khz tone in SSB and the filters set to 300/2400, freq on this test was 433.350).  This is not a sensitivity test... I'll give you that below.  I'll try to do a 145mhz test as well to see if anything changes.

Nothing on the meter (next increment of signal will give an S0 reading)

I also did a NF test... I generated a 1khz tone with the filters as set above.  For a 10db SN, I got the following

so do the math.
-130-10=-140 (the 10 comes from the 10db SN
-140-30=-170 (the 30 comes from 10*log(1000))
-170+174=4.  I'd say that is a +-1 value.

So for the 2000, looks like a  5 for the NF and a bandwidth of 2100.  One note, I cranked in the cw filters and shut it down to 50hz (yes you can do that on the 2000).  Needless to say, I couldn't generate a low enough signal to test this and I didn't have an external attenuator.  My HP only goes down to -136dBm and I still had too much SN in this setting :-/.  One final note, the 2000 uses IF DSP and it may artificially effect the NF to the good.... Either way, that little sucker is pretty impressive.... assuming I did the tests right :).


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