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Re: N-connector loss

I often use .5dB as the summary loss for all connector interfaces in 
a system.  That assumes 2 coaxial jumpers on both ends of a piece of 
heliax for a total of 4 interfaces.  Thats if I put the connectors 
on.  If someone else puts them on I use 1dB.


>0.5 dB of loss per N connector is WAY to high.  They are much better than
>And that 0.15 dB loss Peter specifies at 10 GHz is near the upper edge of
>the useful frequency range for the N connectors.  At frequencies much beyond
>10 GHz (approx 12 GHz or so) these connectors start to operate in some mode
>other than TEM (I think that's the fundamental coax propagation mode).  Then
>the loss goes way up.

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