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Re: Any new toys at Dayton?

Gene Harlan wrote:
> Just got back, and saw the new Kenwood toy, the TH-F6A. It is a small
> handheld with
> 144-148 transmit - 137/174 receive
> 222-225 transmit - 220-260 receive
> 430-450 transmit - 410-470 receive
> BUT - it has two BANDS and on the "B" band you can receive from 0.1
> to 1300 MHz AND the "B" band will receive FM, CW, AM, and SSB!

Will it do simultaneous cross-band transceive so you can hear your
own signal on a satellite?  Also, it's too bad the "B" band can "only"
receive CW/SSB, not transmit it!  I guess the FT-817 is still the
smallest transceiver in current production (that I know of) for SSB
and CW work, and unfortunately, it doesn't do simultaneous cross-band
transceive. . .

Still, the TH-F6A sounds like a really nice new radio.  I might have
to trade in my FT-50r, IC-3AT, and IC-R10 radios for one of these!
It should do everything that the set of them will do!

73 de KB0ZEV
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