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Re: Kenwood TH-F6A in grainy 3rd rate pics

Jerry said: 

> It says it is dual-receive, which is handy at times, but it does not say if 
> it is full-duplex.  If it is, it might make a fun AO-40 QRP rig, using 
> keyed-FM-CW on 440 uplink and the 2 m IF for a portable downconverter.  

I spoke to a very knowledgeble guy on the Kenwood stand who was fairly categoric that it would do full duplex - however, he didn't seem to be too keen on seeing the PTT used as a CW key!

Interestingly the TH-D7E is full duplex but the TH-D7A isn't I discovered - but then you guys stateside already knew that anyway.

I asked the same guy about the TS-2000, in particular about the firmware issues and the AO-27 birdie too.

On the firmware issues he said that he would like to see a the firmware user upgradeable - but the Kenwood programmers weren't all that keen - and I can see their point to some extent. You need the upgrade to be pretty bulletproof.

In particular I discussed (a) the transverter power out issue when in satellite mode, and (b) the inability to change absolute frequency via the computer interface whilst transmitting.

On the AO-27 birdie issue all he'd say was that it was documented in the manual. Mmmmm. Not quite in so many words. True the frequency is documented. But I didn't see a big banner headline anywhere saying "this satellite radio won't work AO-27".

73 Howard G6LVB

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