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Re: N-connector loss (or things that make you go hmmmmm???)

1>From: "John / NS1Z" <ns1z@arrl.net>
>With all this talk about connector loss, etc. I wonder: is the gain
>specified for these BBQ dishes at the end of the pigtail or at the feed
>point of the dish? The feed and pigtail are supplied as one unit, which is
>coupled to the dish - the pigtail is not added by the user.....

John it is simply what ever the loss is for that length of coax.  

For the rest of you out there:
The concern over connector loss is just ridiculous in my opinion!  Also not
necessary to eliminate the connector at the helix.  A double Male N adapter
is fine.  If buying a DEM preamp why not ask Steve if he can substitute a
Male-N panel connector.  At the least just drill the four mounting holes in
the DEM enclosure and mount your own Male connector...this is not rocket
science :-)

If your NF and dish size is so small that 0.1 dB makes a difference you
need to fix the NF and/or dish!  This is a "get a bigger hammer"  deal.
Now if you were building a moonbounce system it might be extremely
important.  Just do the reasonable things and it will work!

Stacking two 18 inch dishes is another idea that is easier to just move up
to a bigger dish.  Increasing to a 24 inch dish will result in  the gain as
two dishes stacked, without the headache of phasing lines and signal
dividers, etc.



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