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Double Dishes

In light of the calculations and observations about S-band receiving setups, I expecting that my 60cm dish + modified Drake (changed xtal, 
removed 2 coils & 2 caps) may not be "good enough".  (Pictures at http://www.draig.org/gallery/200105/20010520a.html if you want to see 
yet another G3RUH-style helix-fed dish.)

As luck would have it, I do have two dishes, and am considering building a second feed and running two dishes "in parallel".  Any thoughts on 
the additional gain vs. the hassle and additional loss of teeing the two helices together into one Drake?

Other options I'm considering: 
(1) Looking for a bigger dish, cheap.
(2) Plunking down the cash for the DEM preamp.

David, ky0dr

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