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Re: Adding Preamp to 2.4 Gig

Maybe a clever tap/splitter?

I'm thinking about building up a "T" splitter type of affair near the 
downconverter.  Basically use another inductor to tap 12V back "out" from 
the center coax wire, so I can put a 12V connector/dongle out near the 
preamp, to power it.

Can somebody see a reason NOT to do it this way?  Or perhaps propose a 
different solution (other than running another run of wire(s) out to the 
preamp directly.


Mark N8MH

At 08:36 AM 5/21/2001 -0500, Gerald Payton wrote:
>I'm seeing a lot of discussion about placing a preamp before the
>downconverter in a 2.4 Gig configuration.
>My question is about supplying power to the "new" preamp.  If one uses the
>coax to supply the supply voltage to the downconverter, it stops there and
>would not carry into the preamp.
>Does this mean an additional power cable to run?

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