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Re: Re: Drake Conversions to 432 MHz

On Monday 21 May 2001 03:28 am, you wrote:
> Hello this is Yoshi.
> At 2001/05/20 18:55:58 Edward R. Cole wrote:
> > Most information I have read states that no modification of the IF amp
> > circuit is necessary when using a 432 Mhz IF.  I wonder what kind of gain
> > is produced in this case.  Has anyone measured it.  Drake claims 21 dB
> > gain for the stock 222-408 MHz IF bandpass, and I've seen claims for 15
> > dB gain using a 144 Mhz IF when the red coils and chip caps are removed
> > from the IF circuit.
>   Here is a english manual of 2880 at Mark's website.
> http://www.markfossum.com/NewFiles/2880.pdf
>   This manual did not listed the measured gain on 435MHz, but I feel
> that it will be not so bad.
>   And, JN1GKZ Arai reported 430MHz mods of 2880. That page was only
> written in Japanese, but he said it works well.

There's an English page of the 430 mod too at:


Mike N4CNW
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