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Re: Expected noise results with Drake converter (no satellite.)


I forgot to state Mike is using a Drake with 144 Mhz IF, with IF coils/caps
removed; no other mods.  Mike has used this for a couple years cutting his
teeth on receiving the UO-11 beacon...whew!  AO-40 is much stronger!


>From: "Mark L. Hammond" <hammond@surrealnet.net>
>>I was visiting the qth of my freind Mike, WL7BQM, and his Meyers dish [~24
>>dB] dipole combo, Conifer preamp [NF?], Rg-6 coax, FT-736R is doing
>>fantastically well.  We heard the beacon from 25 to 35 dB above the noise.
>>He has 100% copy on the TLM with ao40Rcv.  We had fun working a few
>What downconverter was WL7BQM using?
>>So folks, there is theory and there is reality.
>>I'm back to the "drawing board" and the bench.  Waiting for my Kuhne
>>preamp.  Looking at setting up a 4-foot dish.  Wondering why the little
>>dish performed over 35 dB down from Mike's system?  As they say...stay
>>tuned for future developments.
>Hang in there...I'm convinced a low noise preamp is going to be very 
>important for those of us using any type of "converted 
>downconverter".  Using that nifty Exel spreadsheet has helped with my own 
>Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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