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Re: Transystem problems

Hi Don,

Where are you listening on the 2M side?

If I understand your crystal, for AO-40 at 2401.353, you should be 
listening around 145.353

So, to use the 6M harmonic/xmit test, you should use 50.01 MHz (not 50.1) 
so that the 48th harmonic comes out at 50.01 x 48 = 2400.48 MHz.  Therefore 
you should listen around 144.480.

Keep in mind you could be off by as much as a couple hundred kHz, so move 
that VFO around!

73 and good luck!

Mark N8MH

At 08:17 AM 5/20/2001, you wrote:
>I haven't been able to hear anything from AO-40 yesterday or today (first
>time I've tried).
>I've changed the crystal to 8.125 mHz from JAN to make the output come out
>at 144 mHz.
>As a test, on my Yaesu 726 with 2m/70cm/6m modules (and satellite module) I
>put the RX on 144.0 mHz and TX on 50.1 mHz and could not hear or see any
>signal - I did put my frequency counter antenna near the crystal with the
>side cover removed from the trans system and counter read 8.125 mHz.
>Any ideas?
>Looking forward to hearing AO-40 on my own system,
>Don Woodward

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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