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Re: Expected noise results with Drake converter (no satellite.)

>I was visiting the qth of my freind Mike, WL7BQM, and his Meyers dish [~24
>dB] dipole combo, Conifer preamp [NF?], Rg-6 coax, FT-736R is doing
>fantastically well.  We heard the beacon from 25 to 35 dB above the noise.
>He has 100% copy on the TLM with ao40Rcv.  We had fun working a few stations.

What downconverter was WL7BQM using?

>So folks, there is theory and there is reality.
>I'm back to the "drawing board" and the bench.  Waiting for my Kuhne
>preamp.  Looking at setting up a 4-foot dish.  Wondering why the little
>dish performed over 35 dB down from Mike's system?  As they say...stay
>tuned for future developments.

Hang in there...I'm convinced a low noise preamp is going to be very 
important for those of us using any type of "converted 
downconverter".  Using that nifty Exel spreadsheet has helped with my own 


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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