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RE:Beep from FT-736

 From my archives. ron w8gus.

File-number: 0x000044e8 17640
Create-time: Sun Jan 12 13:28:09 1992
Source: ON6UG
Destination: ALL
Title: FT736 buzzer modif
Keywords: sound

FT736-R beep modification
Those who do not like to hear the annoying beep from the FT736R
during doppler correction can make the following modification:

Disassemble the case of the FT736R
Unscrew the front panel with the 4 screws on the side.
The front panel will turn down.
Disconnect the black wire of the sound buzzer that is on the
PCB with the computer.
Connect the black wire to the right pin of the 3 pin connector
that is located on the PCB with the front panel switches
completely on the left side. This is a connection to the KEYER
switch. You now can switch on/off the buzzer with the KEYER
switch if you have no keyer in the transceiver!

Good luck 73's Freddy ON6UG

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