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Predicted Receive Evaluation Services (free <grin>)

I'm having so much fun playing with Gene Marcus's AO-40  Mode S receive eval
program, that I'm volunteering to do an analysis and report back to anyone
who would like me to run it for them, assuming you don't have the Excel
spreadsheet and can't run it yourself.

If you would like me to do this, please provide me with the following info:

1. Receive Antenna Gain in dBi and whether it is linear or circular

2. Coax Loss before the first RF amplifier after the antenna (if any)
    (This would be the coax between your antenna and any preamp or antenna
and downconverer)

3, Noise Figure in dB of your preamp (if any) and it's gain in dB.

4. Noise Figure in dB of your DownConverter, and it's gain in dB.

5. Coax Loss from your downconverter to your radio. (if unknown, give me
cable type and length)

6. Noise Figure of your Radio (if known). If unknown, I will use 10 dB, a
bit generous.

I will assume 0 squint (offpointing) and distance of 65,000 km...roughly
apogee, and a receive bandwidth of 2500 Hz (ssb)

I got my 26 dBi antenna off the roof today, and my downconverter should be
coming from Dayton on Monday. If I can find my elevation rotor on Monday, I
might get a chance to actually listen to some Mode S this week. It's time to
put all this simulation and  theory to work!


hasan schiers, NØAN

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