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Re: Re: Downconverter drift

Hello Ed and all,

My Drake (converted to 145MHz IF) drifts way far (lot) up to say +/-500Hz
at least even after few hours of warm up at the desk inside the room.
It's always drifting up and down, not so stable but it's within about few tenths
to hundred of Hz.

I use an EIP counter loosely coupled to LO stripline output.
This counter's reference came from a 10MHz Rubidium osc it's so very accurate
and stable of course.

It is very difficult to adjust the trimmer as the stability is such poor, I 
would say.
Do you or anyone have any comment?  I really appreciated.
BTW, I had added a 15pF chip cap parallel.

At 19:54 01/05/18 -0800, Edward R. Cole wrote:

[ mostly sniped ]

>I ran my Drake [converted to 433.832 MHz IF] for a few hours on the bench
>[constant room temperature] and after about a half hour of 50 Hz initial
>drift it didnot move more than 1-2 Hz.  The test signal was from a
>commercial generator [2ppm] at 800 MHz being tripled by a diode.

Hoe did you measure this "1-2 Hz" ?

Kohjin - JR1EDE

PS: How is going on Ship Creek or else for King Salmon at the corner?

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