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2401 Test Signal Source (Kits)

I've seen previous messages about various methods, but I'm wondering if
there are any kits or assembled test sources for 2.4 gig.  I will not be at
the I will not be at Dayton, so I can't get one there.

Anyone point me in the right direction, please.  It seem that my Millicom
MC-251R downconverter "may" be deaf.  Anyway, I need to trouble shoot it.

I'm in the construction phase of my station with Ms antennas and an Andrews
Dish with the above downconverter.  Still have a way to go yet, but slowly
getting things in place.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

BTW  The received signal from AO-40's beacon is SSB USB, isn't it?

Boy! have I got a lot to learn..........

73 to all,
Jerry N5GPC

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