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Re: Preamps, NF and Bandwith, the dilemma..

Hi Jens,
You really want the narrow band preamp for satellite work.

For general VHF/UHF/SHF monitoring, a low noise preamp is
practically useless anyway unless you are using a very
long run of coax as the earth noise totally dominates
for terestrial signals. The non-ham services on these bands
are not "weak-signal" modes anyway (mostly FM.)

Tony AA2TX


At 12:18 AM 5/18/01 +0200, you wrote:
>I would like some advice from anyone here experienced in weaksignal 
>satellite work.
>I'm about to buy or build this all-important preamp, but there is a choice 
>to be made:
>Narrowband or Wideband.
>I would like to use my wideband receiver, an AR5000, as the downlink from 
>But then again, this receiver is capable of a lot more than that (10Khz to 
>2.6Ghz), so the thought springs to mind that i might buy a wideband 
>preamp, to be able to listen to other interesting signals above 30Mhz.
>My question:
>How much, if any, degradation is my reception of 2401Mhz likely to suffer, 
>if i choose this wideband preamp, rather than a narrowband one.
>This of course assumes that specs of the two candidates are roughly the 
>same, that means NF and Gain.
>I know that local conditions are hard to guess about, but are there any 
>fundamental rules regarding this that i should be aware of?
>I can get a narrowband DB6NT for 248DM, but the wideband brother of it 
>would increase the utility of the RX immensely :-)
>73 de OZ1LRG
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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