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Commercial TLM RX

Has anyone tried to use a commercial telemetry receiver to receive 
AO-40.  I have a Microdyne 1115-VT(10)(D)(A) Rf tuner that I would like to 
try and use.  I am looking for the frame that this tuner goes into and the 
specs on the tunner.  Currently it tunes 2200 to 2300 MHz.  It can be 
crystal controlled.  It also appears to have a VFO.  The frequency is 
displayed in a LED Display.

If I cannot find the receiver that this tuner plus into, I could build my 
own.  I think that what it plugs into is the second converter, IF and detector.

Thanks for any help.

Glenn Little                         glittle@awod.com   QCWA  LM 28417
Amateur Callsign:  WB4UIV            wb4uiv@amsat.org   AMSAT LM 2178
QTH:  Goose Creek, SC USA (EM92xx)                      ARRL  TAPR

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