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Re: S-band receiving requirements

Your station and mine are nearly identical. I worked quite a few stations
last week (and only got Leila'd twice!).

2X3 BBQ, long axis vertical on top of 30' tower (along with my 2m and 70cm
DEM ULNA .7dB and 18dB gain
"N" barrel
IF modded Drake 2880
Clear shot to bird at elevations above 7 degrees
Uni_Trac (ZL2AMD) controlling Yaesu GS-450 and KR-500
100' LDF4-50 hardline
Yaesu Ft-847 and/or Yaesu VR-5000 receiver

I also discovered that I could hear my uplink with the '847 power turned all
the way CCW, but not often...

My next project is a portable system on a 3' tripod that could be taken
anywhere to demonstrate the satellite operation. I have 8 elements of a
Cushcraft 424B for the 435 uplink and am finishing up on an 18 turn helix
for the 2400 receive. Hope to have it working for field day..

> My S2 downlink consists of:
> Unobscured line of site to the satellite & good squint ---->
> ARMSTRONG Pointing system ---->
> 2x3 foot BBQ dish, long axis horizontal ---->
> Standard dish dipole feed and splash plate ---->
> Standard dish coax to DEM 0.7db LNA ---->
> IF only modified Drake 2880 directly (M/M N coupling) on LNA output --->
> 75' of ancient, cheap RG-58 ---->
> Well used TS790A---->
> A pair of not so young ears/AO40RCV

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