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RE: S-band receiving requirements

Vince wrote:

I disagree that these setups won't be "good enough."

My S2 downlink consists of:
2x3 foot BBQ dish, long axis horizontal ---->
Standard dish coax to DEM 0.7db LNA ---->
IF only modified Drake 2880 directly (M/M N coupling) on LNA output --->

Wayne replies:

Yes, your setup is good enough.  But your setup is much better than what numerous articles claimed would be good enough. Your setup has 3 dB more antenna gain and half the noise figure compared to Example #1 in P3G to P3D that was claimed would get 23 dB S/N.

Any volunteers to write an article called "What you REALLY need to hear AO40" to replace the misinformation that is currently on the amsat web sites?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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