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Re: Laser on board AO-40 (was To: amsat-bb@amsat.org)

I wonder if the contamination that seems to be affecting the camera
will also be a problem for the laser?  Where is the camera installed
compared to the laser?


> The laser is indeed aboard, perhaps to be tested some time this summer.
> Being an infra red unit, you won't be able to see it with your eyes.  I
> have been working on a design for a receiver, but the detector I selected
> cost $400!  I have to continue my search for a lower cost unit.  The
> receiver will not be a trivial unit .. we are talking about tens of
> photons per bit.
> I have a paper on my website that explains the details of the satellite
> end see: http://members.bellatlantic.net/~km1p/IR_LASER_P3D.doc
> One fine day I will write up my receiver research so far.
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