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Re: AO-40: Rcv

Hi Les,

I used a Yaesu FT-736R on 70cm for the uplink, and a Drake + Icom R7000
receiver for the downlink.  There was no problem tracking doppler for
the two QSOs that I've accomplished.  AO-40's so far out when the squint
angle is acceptable that the doppler shift doesn't change much over the
course of a normal QSO.  The usual protocol is to track doppler with
whatever is on the higher band, so tuning the s-band receiver would be
the right approach.  I had very little change to make; compared to a
LEO bird, tuning was almost boring.



> Has anyone tried using one receiver for AO-40 and another radio for the 
> transmitter?
> If I did this and kept the uplink freq stable and only tune the Receiver 
> (for doppler) how would that work?
> Les
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