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Are you hearing the satellite well, calling CQ, and listening to your own return with nobody responding?  Maybe you have run out of big-gun stations to work.

Let me suggest adding your uplink frequency to your call:  e.g., "CQ satellite, W5TEX, uplink on 435.625."

There are many stations who might be able to hear your big-gun signal, and you might be able to hear their little-pistol signal, except they can't find themselves in the downlink to call you!  If you announce your uplink, they can quickly tune to that frequency and give you a call.

Secondly, if you don't get a response on SSB, try alternating with CW.  I know this is blatently obvious, but it bears repeating.  Last night, at 60,000 km and < 5 degree squint, I could copy Walter, NQ2O, 449 on CW (easy, solid copy), but when he went to SSB he was just barely above my noise level here.  He could not copy my weak SSB, but had no problem with copying my CW.  He's in the log.

I am sure I am not the only station out there stretching his system to the limit to make contacts, so maybe you can make it easier for both ends with just a few changes to your calling routine.
Jerry, K5OE

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