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Looking for PSK31 on AO-40


After a successful test with PSK31 via AO-40 this morning in orbit 250
I'm looking for a first contact. PSK31 seems to be a good TTY-mode for
a satellite with slow Doppler shift like AO-40. Even the very low
necessary power budget and the cosine shaped signal might be
acceptable for a linear transponder. In my test at MA 118 with AO-40
62000 km away and a squint of 10 deg I had success in copying my
signals with the minimum possible power out of my FT-847 (3 W!!!) into
an 11 Ele X-Yagi (13 dBi Gain). With -2 dB cable loss in mind this
gave an eirpc of less than 40 W! Increasing the power by 10 dB to 400
Weirpc didn't improve the decoding noticable.

As far as I know WinPSK by Moe Wheatley (AE4JY) - yes the author of
well-known AO40Rcv - is the only PSK31 software capable of full-duplex
operation. Full-duplex is very helpful via any satellite transponder.
The software is available at his website http://www.qsl.net/ae4jy

If you like to do some QSO-experiments in PSK31 via AO-40, please
contact me mailto:dl6dbn@amsat.org
On May, 17th at 03:30 UT I'll be on AO-40 again and listening.
I recommend PSK-operation around 2401.270 MHz.

73, Frank
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