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Two-Dollar 2.4 gHz Source

Thanks to G4DMF for this circuit idea.

This is a bare-bones version of the circuit on G4DMF's site
    (  http://www.g4dmf.co.uk/2400/2400.html ).

It puts out an S-9 signal into the ft-847 when placed about six 
inches from the downconverter antenna. Useable signal out to about 
six or eight feet.
With the addition of the amp transistor, it will probably be good 
across the back yard.

Downconverted frequency out of an unmodified TranSystem is 122.xxx mHz.
I tried a second clock oscillator and it resulted in about 119 mHz.

Yes, it drifts for awhile when first fired up, but I think it's 
completely useable for checking the functionality of downconverters.

(1) 50 mHz clock oscillator  (new "surplus") bought locally  $1.00

(1) 7805 regulator                (new "surplus") bought locally  $0.50

(2) caps 

(1) piece of wood and misc                                                free

Note the helix antenna attached to the output of the oscillator  8^)
Sorry for the huge jpeg. I'll fix it later.

Bill Howell
University of Texas at Austin
College of Fine Arts
Office of Computing Technologies
N5ALO  Amsat 32459  QRP-L 415
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