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Great AO-40 condx for NA tonite

NOVA sez to me
MA 140
16-May-2001 0730Z (that would be 12:30am on May 16th here in AZ)
squint=1.2 degrees (to PHX at least, shouldn't be much different in NA with
that range!)
NA/SA/West+Cent EU/West AF in view

An *excellent* RX system test with such a low squint!  If you can spare the
sleep, see whatcha really got!  (And let us know)

At 11:33 AM 5/16/01 +1200, you wrote:
>Hi Mike,
>the MB (Middle Beacon) is now on continuously throughout the orbit. The
>transponder from MA 70 to 210. Below are the latest messages broadcast on
>AO-40 MB.
>73 de Ian ZL1AOX
>M  QST AMSAT OSCAR-40       ***UPDATE***            2001-05-15
>            ALON/ALAT=6/2.  Middle beacon on continuously.
>    Experimental U/L1 ->S2 transponder activity MA 70 to 210
>     Transponder activity may be interrupted for testing!!!
>         The AO-40 team would like your telemetry files!
>  Please "zip" compress your daily telemetry files and e-mail to:
>                    ao40-archive@amsat.org
>| ALON/ALAT=6/2; EXPERIMENTAL U/L1->S2, MA 70-210;  AVOID MB!  |
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>> I'm confused.....The data that I get from AO40Rec 1.32 is telling me that
>> AO-40 is on MA 70 to MA 240.... Right now May 15, 01 19:42 UTC MA 241.3 I
>> hear the beacon 5X5....
>> Is my decoder not working correct or is it just me????
>> de mike
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Scott Townley
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