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not really -> Mode L uplink Question

That's interesting.  Sure others that are considering the 18 inch dish
>appreciate the comparison.  However the Prime Star is twice the size so
>will have ~6 dB gain over the RCA DSS dish.  I'm guessing you are using the
>Transystem dipole feed.  Getting the feed positioned correctly on the RCA
>DSS dish is tricky.

Any suggestions on that?  I was moving it around manually, trying to find 
the "sweet spot".  I could hear the beacon, but faintly.

For one thing, I need to build up a LHCP couple-turn helix for a 
feed.  Perhaps in the next few days I can get that done...this really is 
fun stuff.

Sounds like your stuff is ready to go!  Thanks for sharing the 
details...good info for my archives.


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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