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Re: Mode L uplink Question

I had fun with a an 18" Dish Network dish and 2'x3' Primestar dish, using a 
Transystem (moved to 144MHz, stub cut, thermistor added)--with and without 
the little metal reflector.

I'll post some pictures...nothing like electrical tape and zip ties at 1am 
in the dark :)  Take home lesson?  The Primestar way out performed the 18" 
dish.  I'm not convinced the 18" dish will be good enough for me (lots of 
trees, etc) and the Transystem converter, unless the squint is excellent 
and the view is open.

I admit...I'm enjoying the dishes lots more than I had imagined!!


Mark N8MH

At 12:25 AM 5/15/2001 -0800, Edward R. Cole wrote:
> >From: rdwelch@swbell.net
> >Edward, please let us know how the 18 inch dish works.  I have two of them
> >here from Dish Network.
>Plans didn't work out for tonight.  I had to work until 9:30 pm and barely
>cobbled together the equipment to take onto the roof by 10:30.  Didn't hear
>anything, so I called Mike, WL7BQM, since he modified the Drake I used.
>After discusion I relised that MA 80 wouldn't occur until local midnight,
>and the beacon would not be on until then.  Mike listened and confirmed
>this.  So I packed it in for the night.
>Tomorrow maybe I can check the freq. accuracy of the Drake at work.  Then
>I'd have one less unknown to deal with.  If possible I'll try tomorrow.

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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