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Myers Downconverter problem

Hello Myers knowledgeables

My friend just blew his Myers downconverter
It has been in use since AO-13 with no problems

His Motus Operandi  has been:
1. plug the myers power inserter in
2. power up the 736R
3. set freqs to 432 up and 144 down ( like AO-10 and Ao-13 )
4. remove 144 coax and put the Myers coax on
5. operate mode U/S ( 432 up D/converted 2.4 down to 144 )

Now with AO-40 using mode U/S and/or L/S
steps 1 thru 5 are the same
6. Without undoing the above steps....switch to 1269 UP
7. Use 736R band switch to switch xmit from 432 to 1269
8. Blown down-converter on 144 side..

It would seem impossible for sub-band to xmit on this change?

Anyhow...is anyone familiar with what burnt out inside the Myers d/converter
Furthermore does anyone know anyone who would fix it.?

Contact me, Steve KB8VAO, or post to the -BB
Thanks to all



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